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Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Coverage

Edit choice A for Boy

Edit choice A for Girl

Edit choice B for girl

Edit choice B for Boy

Rap Up highlights Boy

Rap up example girl

Red carpet edit example Boy

Red Carpet edit example Girl

Red carpet Arrivals

Red carpet Fashion segment

In camera edit example

Temple Coverage example

Candle lighting and Dance segment example

Photo Montages

Standard montage plus

Movie Clip Montage

Hollywood Montage for Boy

Hollywood Montage for Girl

Hollywood Montage with home video

Hollywood Montage special event

Entrance, Invite & Hype Films

Entrance Film clip video for Male

Entrance Film clip video for Female

Hype/ Invite video

Entrance Film Parody

Entrance Film Original Script

Wedding Coverage

Wedding coverage opening segment

Wedding coverage Photography segment

Wedding Rap up segment

*AVA Award Winning